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In the past year INSOMNIO set up it’s ‘Touch-Lab’ project. A development programme designed to research how to perform meaningful virtual concerts now and in the future. Concerts where contact between participants, musicians and audience, would be strengthened.

To date INSOMNIO has researched different technical solutions for online concerts and developed its own super high-speed networking system. This enables musicians to rehearse and perform together without any time-delay, at CD audio quality, from different physical locations in multiple countries. 

We would like to invite you to join us for one of the next two concerts INSOMNIO is presenting. During these events we will deploy some of the newly developed ‘
Touch-Lab’ techniques. For these special concerts we will perform  Solstices, a piece by Georg Frederich Haas,  from 10 different locations all over The Netherlands direct to you in the comfort of your own home. 



Concert dates 


Saturday 18th December and Monday 20st December at 21:00h (CET)

You can access the concert by using a special zoom-link sent to you by INSOMNIO. Using this zoom-link you can listen and watch the concert as through the website and also enjoy a number of extras, such as going ‘behind the scenes’ and being able to: 

  • interact with performing musicians live before and after the concert,

  • interact with other audience members, 

  • join our Q&A after the concert

  • and help us with our ongoing research by taking part in a survey after the concert.



The Ticket are free of charge: For these concerts we are operating a “pay what you want” policy. We encourage you to pay what you can and feel the experience is worth to you by a donation after the event.


We strongly recommend to listen with headphones (any kind is better than none)!


If you listen with more than one person and you would like have the possibility to listen both with headphones you should register separately and follow the concert with more than one computer.


Tip: It is possible to use a mobile and headphones as a second (or more) computer. The mobile will give you the sound and you still can watch together on the big screen...

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