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TERMINAL is an open-source networked audio software application designed for musicians and audio enthusiasts. It allows for real-time audio streaming and collaboration over the internet.

TERMINAL enables musicians to perform together remotely in a synchronized manner, making it useful for virtual rehearsals and concerts, online jam sessions, and collaborative music production.



Low latency is a pivotal element in facilitating remote music collaboration, a quality that TERMINAL excels in providing. To the best of our knowledge, no system surpasses TERMINAL in terms of audio transmission speed. TERMINAL effectively minimizes the delay between transmitting audio and receiving it on the receiving end, thus enabling seamless real-time collaboration.


TERMINAL is crafted by a team of accomplished classical musicians who are unwavering in their commitment to uncompromising audio quality. Since its inception, we've steadfastly upheld the highest standards in audio fidelity. TERMINAL ensures the seamless transfer of lossless audio, delivering an exceptional auditory experience akin to the pristine sound of DVD AUDIO at a 48Khz sampling rate.
Through a user-friendly app available on both Android and iOS mobile devices, all participants have the flexibility to create their own custom mix, incorporating the audio of all participants as they desire.


For collaborating musicians, TERMINAL offers a hassle-free "Plug and Play" experience.
With just a simple press of the start button, everything else is seamlessly configured remotely, streamlining the setup process to make it as effortless as possible.


TERMINAL addresses the sustainability of internet use by optimizing data usage and operational practices. By mirroring the data efficiency of streaming low-quality YouTube videos and leveraging a mesh network, TERMINAL avoids the need for external servers and data storage, reducing environmental and financial costs.
The upfront cost of setting up multiple mini-PCs for TERMINAL is relatively low, especially when compared to the environmental impact and expenses of commuting to rehearsals. This not only significantly reduces carbon emissions but also proves to be cost-effective over time.
Choosing TERMINAL supports sustainable practices in digital collaboration, allowing users to engage in music and audio projects with minimal environmental impact.


TERMINAL is built upon open source software, which means there are no licensing costs involved. It operates efficiently on an affordable, dedicated mini-PC, seamlessly integrating with any class-compliant audio interface. 
When it comes to online collaboration, TERMINAL ensures cost-effectiveness by routing internet traffic directly through a mesh network established among participants, avoiding the need for external commercial hub servers and the associated extra expenses.  TERMINAL is made by musicians for musicians. During beta stage, the use of TERMINAL is provided at no cost.  
If you like the experience using TERMINAL, a donation is always welcome!
Dedicated Mini-Pc's can be rented for €15 per month (excl. delivery costs, min. 6 month) . 

Operating multiple mini-PCs may not be inexpensive, but when we consider it in contrast to the costs associated with commuting to rehearsals by driving or flying, it proves to be a highly sustainable and cost-effective alternative. 








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