In the past year INSOMNIO set up it’s ‘Touch-Lab’ project. A development programme designed to research how to perform meaningful virtual concerts now and in the future. Concerts where contact between participants, musicians and audience, would be strengthened.


To date INSOMNIO has researched different technical solutions for online concerts and developed its own super high-speed networking system. This enables musicians to rehearse and perform together without any time-delay, at CD audio quality, from different physical locations in multiple countries.

In March '21 INSOMNIO performed his first concert simultaneously on four stages from NL and Hungary. The  concert was live broadcasted and streamed on Radio 4. 


Considering the tremendous potential such a technique has for the future of our arts Touch-Lab researched this technique during the last year. Several research concerts were organized together with our partners. During several of this concerts we performed Georg Friedrich Haas' "Solstices" for 10 musicians. In this case we performed from 10 different locations separated from each other with a distance of up to 2000km. On the left you can enjoy the introduction of "Solstices"

 Insomnio is now able to rehearse and perform without any symptoms of latency from multiple locations. To demonstrate the capabilities of the system we allowed ourselves the fun to record a small bit of Dvorak. To make any latency issues easily recognizable we arranged it for a trio with mandolin, guitar and violin. 

In the coming period we are investigating how to make this system (and his obvious potential) accessible for others. 

If you are interested send us a mail on